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Great Things Are Happening in Ohio


JobsOhio is a unique, private economic development corporation that acts as a catalyst for high-growth business investments and job creation to help propel the state of Ohio forward. While its web presence has always played a significant role in attracting and expanding businesses and talent throughout the state, JobsOhio grew significantly over the years and was beginning to outgrow the usefulness of its website.


JobsOhio wanted to improve the user experience of, making it easier for prospective businesses, career seekers, and future Ohioans to find relevant and useful information. There was a greater need to ensure the organization’s offerings were clear and that news releases and industry content were easily discoverable on its website. With its previous CMS requiring manual updates and engineering time, the organization could not move at the speed of business.

Ultimately, the goal was to drive qualified leads to the business, but to do so, JobsOhio knew it needed an improved customer experience to make its value proposition more accessible and needed to deepen engagement with audiences.

JobsOhio was in the midst of a rebrand and knew even before beginning the rebranding process that there was some confusion from users as to the purpose of the organization. With organic traffic showing users’ assumption that it was a job listings site or a government entity, another part of the ask was to make the identity and purpose of immediately clear on the homepage.

JobsOhio site map planning

What We Did

  • Website Redesign and Development
  • Technical Documentation

The Approach

As an Ohio-based company with previous partnership experience, JobsOhio chose Mindstream to deliver on its vision. Our customer experience and technical expertise allowed us to keep the existing website optimized while also building the redesign. Throughout the initial exploratory conversations with multiple JobsOhio teams, Mindstream was able to gather stakeholder feedback and conduct user testing to guide the site redesign.

Part of the methodology in partnering with JobsOhio was for Mindstream to act as an extension of their team. “Mindstream really matched the way that we operate. There’s an agility to the way we work together; it’s iterative and flexible, and I appreciated their ability to flex with our needs,” says Nicole Scharlach, Managing Director, Marketing and Communications for JobsOhio. She continues, “Something we weren’t getting from other partners was an agile approach. We’re constantly doing many website updates, often with very little notice, and the way that the Mindstream team is structured, they really became a partner riding right next to us to fulfill our deadlines and requirements. I think they’ve done a really great job of staying true to that.”


“Mindstream really delivered on the vision that we were looking to achieve.” - Nicole Scharlach, Senior Director, Digital Marketing


The Outcome

The CX strategy was carried through not only the design and development of the website but also the technology. Launched in early 2022, the redesigned features a modular design focused on ease of use for authors and web visitors alike, encompassing the entire user experience. With the upgraded headless CMS fully developed by Mindstream’s internal team, JobsOhio can update, move or share content across pages and sections of the site, allowing users to see and interact with the most relevant and timely content driving web conversions and positive business impact. Functional specifications were also thoroughly documented, outlining each content module with functionality and character limits to maximize site efficiency and content effectiveness for the future of

Meghan Ball from the JobsOhio team shares, “The website's flexibility and modular nature allows us to plug and play with different components of pages at any time—that’s really key for us to reach our conversion goals.” Just a month into the new site, was seeing a positive shift in website engagement with conversion rates up 190%, bounce rates down 5%, and an increase in session duration.

“We really hit the ground running, and now we’re on a fully optimized stack for our website, and we really couldn’t be happier with that,” according to Scharlach.

The increased focus on customer experience and conversion optimization on the JobsOhio website even played a role in Intel’s $20 billion investment in Ohio. The website has proven to be an integral factor to the overall customer journey, including visits from Intel and many other leading global organizations.

JobsOhio credits our responsiveness as another key advantage in this project. “The structure of working with the team has been fantastic. It’s always been extremely clear who to go to for what, and the team is incredibly responsive. That’s pretty rare sometimes in the agency environment, so I really appreciated and valued that in working with Mindstream.”

Users of are now able to quickly find and engage with the appropriate content on the site, and internal teams feel confident in driving potential customers and partners to the improved experience. Scharlach is proud to share the sentiment; “Our teams feel a sense of pride and ownership with the new site, and that is rewarding for all of us.”

*Data from 30 days post launch 


increase in conversion rate


decrease in bounce rate


second increase in average session duration

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