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Let’s Eat Healthy


More than a century later, Dairy Council of California remains an important organization that supports children and their families in the pursuit of lifelong healthy eating habits. While its origins may be regional, the non-profit’s nutritional curriculum is used by teachers across the country. Still, the Council’s passionate team saw a future where its influence reached even further.


Maureen Bligh, Program Director of Marketing and Communications at Dairy Council of California, recognized from her extensive experience in website development the many challenges in the current website. “When we previously combined two websites into one, were trying to achieve too many objectives, had too many pages, and we had really just outgrown our space,” she said. When Mindstream Interactive was selected as a partner to build a new website after a national search, the needs were clear: create an intuitive, streamlined experience with an emphasis on optimization. For Bligh, there was an additional component needed to be addressed: “The refreshed site needed to have our organization's cause, values, and the Let's Eat Healthy movement front and center in the design."  


what we did

  • Content Strategy
  • CX Strategy
  • CMS Implementations
  • Enterprise Websites


At the start of the project, Mindstream completed multiple audits—gathering valuable insights through comprehensive means on metrics, search, category knowledge, and competitors. We also reviewed all of Dairy Council of California’s existing documentation, from internal resources to current programming.


In the spirit of partnership and perspective, our team visited Dairy Council of California on its home turf several times for work sessions and stakeholder interviews. It was important to us that before moving any further, we had alignment on the Council’s current needs and vision for the future. “We had a great brainstorm session where we focused on establishing clear KPIs—having those to share with our Board of Directors was beyond helpful.”


Then came the time for our strategy and creative teams to reimagine Dairy Council of California’s entire site experience. Multiple concepts were presented, with the final result making use of a bright color palette, family friendly imagery and illustrative elements. A new voice and tone shined through too, infusing education with positivity and encouragement.


Crucial to the modernized site was its effectiveness as a resource hub—which we sought to make as organized and immediate as possible. This helped drive the site’s e-commerce component, which introduced a refined cart system based on the council’s new ordering philosophy.


Not only did we carry the project through to completion, but we set Dairy Council of California up for success after development. “The technical specs were amazing,” said Bligh. “The clear and concise document you provided us with was unbelievable in how it translated the technical for our teams.”


The Outcome

Alex Vigil, Marketing Program Manager at Dairy Council of California, appreciated our data-driven approach to the site that kept scalability in mind. “You transitioned what was a very cluttered site to something more streamlined—and the user testing you did helped us structure our content in a more intuitive way.” He expands on the successes to date, offering “Since launch we’re seeing a lot more traction on our site, with users spending more time than ever before on our pages and interacting with them.”

“We’re seeing strong growth since launching the site that shows we’re on a path to exceed where we’ve been previously.” - Alex Vigil, Marketing Program Manager at Dairy Council of California

The Results


increase in video completions


states have visited and downloaded resources


plays of the MyPlate game

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