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December 21, 2018   |   3 min read

Three Special Employee Awards for the Holidays

Ryan James   |   Creative & UX Copywriter

Holiday cheer isn’t the only thing being celebrated around Mindstream’s lively office space. This year—just like every year—we take time to recognize those who’ve gone the distance to uphold our agency values: Curiosity, Collaboration and Courage. And what’s extra special about these awards of distinction is that the winners are nominated by fellow employees (it’s a heartwarming feeling to know you’ve truly impacted those you work with on a regular basis).

What do the physical awards look like? They’re different each year. Fun, right? Past awards have been designed around idea-sparking themes like Edison light bulbs, and this year is no different. The 2018 Employee Award is a traditional, wood-grained Dictaphone symbolizing both innovation and the pursuit to make those achievements heard. Now onto the winners…

Courage Winner | Millie Rosaco

Winner Characteristics:

  • Doesn't shy away from asking for help and seizes opportunities. 
  • Forthright on career ambitions in a way that's both graceful and humble. 
  • Has been resilient in the face of change—a common occurrence in our industry.
  • Poised for continued success.

A one-time intern now two years into her career at Mindstream, Millie has quickly become a fixture of the UX team—one who doesn’t hesitate to guide her clients toward the best solutions for them. Through long hours, hard work and even continuing education, she has channeled courage to architect digital experiences that stand out.


Collaboration Winners | Bart Skinner & Chelsea Lord

Winner Characteristics:

  • Excels at presenting an issue or solution with guidance that takes all feedback into account.
  • Values honesty over the “easy way out” when working on a client solution.
  • Takes the time to sit and work toward a successful result without faltering.

True to the sentiment of collaboration, we simply couldn’t choose one winner this year. These long-standing Mindstream employees are among the first to start a chat, lend a helping hand when needed and pass along their subject matter expertise. With Bart on the development side and Chelsea as a multi-talented art director, teamwork is never a challenge.


Curiosity Winner | Erica Erwine

Winner Characteristics:

  • Has a naturally curious spirit. 
  • Exemplifies what it means to dig in and bring answers to the table.
  • Always on top of trends and is very proactive about sharing best practices. 
  • Goes above and beyond to solve problems for clients. 
  • Definitely a bright light within the agency.

Another more recent addition to the Mindstream employee roster, Erica has stepped the agency’s SEO efforts up tenfold. Everything about her work style radiates subject matter intrigue and a refreshingly humble mindset. She’s in a constant state of learning and exploration, never settling with sights set on what’s to come next.


Join Team Mindstream in 2019

Check out our open job postings. Who knows, you may just be the recipient of an Employee Award by this time next year.

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