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July 7, 2020   |   4 min read

Social Synopsis | What's New for June

Julie Sablar   |   Director of Social Media

Social media never sleeps. Today’s preferred channels are subject to evolving features, statistics, designs, algorithms, and advertising on a near-constant basis. Even the largest brands and organizations can find it challenging to stay on top of updates capable of business impact. We want you to know about the most significant channel-specific changes that can keep you ahead of the curve as a digital marketer.

Download our Social Synopsis for June 2020.

Facebook’s New Ad Target Based on Shopping Activity

Last month we discussed the new feature called Facebook Shops (Instagram Shops coming soon) which makes it easy for businesses to set up a single online store for customers to access. The next step to guide better targeting efforts with these types of features is the new Custom Audience creation options to increase eCommerce activity.

Facebook Ad Targeting

The new "Shopping" list ad retargeting feature, available in Facebook Ads Manager for most businesses, allows you three new options to build custom lists:

  • People who viewed products
  • People who added any products to their basket
  • People who purchased any products
Facebook Ad Targeting

With customers up to 70% more likely to convert when retargeted with display ads, this update allows brands to re-engage people who've expressed a clear interest in their products and will be valuable options for those looking to maximize their Facebook and Instagram eCommerce efforts.

Gucci and Snapchat Make Shopping Easier

Gucci and Snapchat have a history of partnering together to bring AR, machine learning and retail together with the Gucci-themed AR island and a limited-edition pair of Snap glasses that capture three-dimensional scenes and allow users to blend in augmented reality features later. Taking it to the next level, the two companies announced at the Snap Partner Summit conference that they were partnering again to launch the first global shoppable AR shoe try-on Lenses on Snapchat.

The new Lenses showcase four pairs of sneakers in two different Lenses (each Lens will showcase two pairs). Snapchatters will be able to try out the shoes in AR to see how they look and purchase them directly via a “Shop Now” button. The feature helps Gucci tap into a larger and younger demographic, increase conversions and cut down on returns, which will both save on revenue for Gucci and help reduce its environmental impact. It also minimizes the gap between shopping in store or online and finding the right product you’ll love the first time. To try out the new lens just scan the Snapcode below.


Updates for Grabs 

Finally, there are several channel updates to put on your radar.

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