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September 24, 2019   |   4 min read

Social Synopsis | What's New for September

Julie Sablar   |   Director of Social Media

Social media never sleeps. The changes just keep coming. Today’s preferred channels are subject to evolving features, statistics, designs, algorithms, and advertising on a near-constant basis. Even the largest brands and organizations can find it challenging to stay on top of updates capable of impacting their business. We want you to know about the most significant by-channel-changes that can keep you ahead of the curve as a digital marketer.

Download our Social Synopsis for September 2019.

The Season of Imagination

Social strategies for upcoming holidays are already deep in progress. But time waits for no one and channels will continue to release new features to be implemented quickly this season. This month, you and your team need to know about Facebook’s expansion of three interactive formats:

  • Video poll ads
  • Augmented Reality (AR) ads
  • Playable ads

With festivities right around the corner, these engaging ad types are real attention grabbers (just the kind of thing brands need when showcasing holiday gift guides and the like).

Burritos, Aliens & AR 

America’s favorite fast casual spot for Mexican food, Chipotle, used the social craze surrounding Area 51 and delivered burritos—virtually, just as our cosmic friends would—to audiences on Snapchat. Augmented-reality filters showed extraterrestrials live on screen, whether consumers were at home or plotting their mad dash across the mysterious government compound.

Updates for Grabs 

Finally, there are several channel updates to put on your radar.

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