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February 11, 2022   |   2 min read

Mindstream Interactive Reimagines Headquarters

Steve Agganis   |   President

Our company has made two critical decisions: the first is to overhaul our office space and the second is to empower our employees to use that space as they wish.

We are all all-too familiar with the events of the last two years. We each experienced it differently and we're all faced with a complicated puzzle. Does work need to look the same as before, or do we embrace the changes that have arrived?

In 2020, Mindstream Interactive employees took to virtual work as if they’d prepared their whole lives for it. 2021 was a record-breaking year financially and for client growth. We successfully facilitated key brand workshops, with senior-level leaders that were focused, productive, and perhaps even more engaging than in-person…and game-changing for our clients. As a result, our teams launched many successful customer experiences for our clients. 

We already trusted our people to be great wherever they worked. They reinforced that trust with 18 months of action. When you reach a new milestone in a relationship, things don’t remain the same. Together, you evolve. Now it’s leadership’s turn to take action. 

After listening to our employees and clients, we’ve decided that the Mindstream Interactive space is no longer just an office; it’s our headquarters for hybrid work. We’re slimming down our square footage, breathing new life into our space, and reimagining what collaboration means and how it works. This isn’t some far-away goal. It’s happening now. 

Our headquarters will remain in Columbus’ Arena District, yet the space will look and feel incredibly different. You’ll find desk hoteling, collaboration areas, a lounge, and plenty of space for our people and partners to reconnect. Our teams will determine where they do their best work, whether it’s at home or at our headquarters. We’ll listen to our people and our clients, adapt and improve.

Any place you set about making things happen becomes your working perspective. That perspective can change, move, and travel. The office is no longer where all work must be done. Instead, it’s another perspective we can offer our employees and clients. It’s the beginning of a new era. And, as always, perspective matters. 


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