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August 28, 2020   |   5 min read

How to Make Your Social Channels a DIY & DIFM Content Hub

Julie Sablar   |   Director of Social Media

Things have changed the last six months, including how people consume and engage with media. We are seeing a change in how they spend their money and time due to the global pandemic that has rocked everyone’s world (and household).

Whether it’s due to having more time or tighter budgets, completing home improvement projects is on the rise. The global Home Improvement products market increased their estimated forecast because the pandemic has changed consumer behaviors—especially online. With 51% of U.S. adults reporting they are using social media more since the outbreak began, it’s vital to make sure you are reaching DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) customers where they are with the content that resonates with them.

Infographic of the growth of DIY and DIFM projects
Infographic of the growth of DIY and DIFM projects

To get started, let’s note that these two customer segments have different needs. This means different social channels, content and media types will provide what they are seeking. Social strategy-building will be rooted in each customer segment's true desires and needs. Generally, it’s common to see that DIY customers want information, whereas the DIFM customers want inspiration. We know as expert marketers that each brand is different, and we can help deliver personalized content that drives them down the purchase funnel.

Harness the Hunger for Visual

Building a social presence across various social channels puts you where the DIY audiences are. And there is a way to cut through the clutter and stand out in an oversaturated space: visual storytelling and video content.

You’ll capture attention and interest. Visual and video consumption are at an all-time high and are powerful brand ambassadors, especially because the media can offer a DIY customer that glimpse into a finished product. Let’s take social videos: they not only drive idea seekers to consider DIY projects but give them the confidence to tackle it successfully, working with an in-home expert.

This social content also feeds into the maker vision, while offering instructional how-to narratives and supportive content.

Social channels can foster DIY influencers, spreading the brand name and loyalty. People love to share; they love to share what they’ve done and what inspires them. Creating videos feeds their creativity. In fact, those who want to improve their home spaces make at least one purchase based on what they saw in a friend’s social media feed (SoFi #HOMEENVY Study). Home improvement retailers and toolmakers can leverage that influence factor.

In the video below, see how Lowe’s targets their DIY consumers by using Instagram Stories to showcase quickly the steps of how-to create a vertical garden.

Meet in the social circle

Infographic of social usage for home improvement

When considering visual brand resonance, Pinterest is a great channel for both DIY and DIFM segments. DIY enthusiasts are using Pinterest to find ideas for their DIY projects, whereas DIFM customers seek inspiration for what they want someone else to complete for them. The organic exploration that Pinterest offers for consumers is unlike any other social channel.

In the video below, see how Home Depot taps into Pinterest to illustrate home renovation ideas and how their brand can assist you in completing them. They also drive to longer form content for the DIY segment to explore a variety of ideas.

Instagram can whet consumers’ appetite to complete projects and boost confidence with easily digestible previews. The ever-evolving features like Stories, Highlights and carousels offer quick tutorials and previews that encourage viewers to watch longer form content in the app with IGtv and Live videos. You can also drive to your blog or YouTube with just a swipe or tap. Facebook offers many of these same features, plus the ability to build a custom tab through Facebook Developers. A hub that breaks down the steps for each project, builds an online shop, encourages email sign up and provides coupons and offers for future projects.

In the video below, see how AutoZone supports the DIY consumer by outlining the key facts and steps for the most common car maintenance tasks. They drive their audience to longer form content on their website to learn more and complete several DIY projects.

YouTube is the channel to design a full DIY/DIFM immersive experience, create project confidence and join or assist your market during their project journeys. From how-to videos to project and product reviews, YouTube has a plethora of content to meet the needs of both DIY and DIFM segments.

Below, see how Ace Hardware utilizes YouTube as a central hub to host their how-to videos from their employees and industry experts.

Ace hardware Youtube playlist for DIY projects

Shop ‘til you drop

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube offer the option to shop directly from the app, delivering strong conversion for social media. Additionally, there are social tools like Curalate that offer a more customized shopping feature for major social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Messenger, email, blogs and more. Showroom, a feature that lets you turn any image or video into a storefront, provides consumers with a seamless and effortless path to purchase. Essentially, it cuts out the need for consumers to search for the items they need and, instead packages it up in a neat little bundle for them to view and purchase. This ease can be an asset to a brand that provides consumer confidence.

Learn more about Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping image of a phone with a woman in a red dress Instagram Shopping Mens shoes displayed on a cellphone

The small and mighty can reap large rewards

Don’t forget those niche channels that cater to the DIY and DIFM segments. When it comes to home improvement, Houzz is the No. 1 app for improving and designing your home. From building to, remodeling or decorating, fans can look for inspiration with Visual Match, their visual recognition technology, to discover and buy products and materials directly from photos on Houzz. It is also a directory of home improvement professionals who use the site to connect with homeowners. Consumers can search through different types of professionals for hire, view their previous projects, and begin a discussion before hiring for a project. A brand can partner with professionals and influencers to increase reach and recognition.

You’ve built it. Now boost it.

All of this personalized content is important but can only go so far without paid media support. Each channel offers paid targeting to reach consumers who are beyond your current fan base. With all the hard work your brand, or influencers, put into creating this content, getting it out there for as many consumers as possible will drive its success. Targeting capabilities have advanced significantly and really allow you to narrow your target audience down through demographic, psychographic, and online behaviors, no matter who you want to reach. From conversion to engagement to reach, it’s highly recommended that your content has a healthy budget allotted to meet your business objective and meet the bottom line.

We’re here to help

We’re passionate about the DIY and DIFM markets. Recently, our strategy and insights teams conducted a large volume of secondary research about how consumers think, what is changing, what this means for brands, and COVID’s impact. There are a lot of approaches to socially engage DIY and DIFM consumers across interests and demographics. Nuances can mean success for a campaign or product. The maker’s space is electrified now, and brands have a great opportunity to make a mark. We would be happy to talk you through this work, answer any questions you have and assist with everything from analytics and reporting to creative execution to make your brand a success. Contact us.

Interested in learning more? Download "The Birth of a New Generation: Gen-DIY."

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