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June 12, 2018   |   3 min read

Game-Changing Analytics for Washington Prime Group

Ryan James   |   Creative & UX Copywriter

Famed philosopher Francis Bacon once said that knowledge is power—and he was spot-on. You see, our clients recognize the value of a beautiful website on the screen du jour. They know social media is crucial in tapping the wants and needs of customers. Yet, combing these digi-destinations for insights that can change their business is far from easy. Analytics is an art, one that calls for mastery of tools and left-brain deciphering. It provides a foundation for most everything our agency does, and it offers a view beyond the surface for company decision-makers.

In our Washington Prime Group analytics case study, we explain how we uncovered valuable data for the masters of retail real estate. Our team of experts produced benchmark reports for multiple property sites that:

  • Provided average web sessions, page views, bounce rates and more.
  • Tracked email metrics like list size growth and average open rate.
  • Monitored daily reach and engagement on social channels.
  • Visualized data using simple graphs, iconography and bulleted takeaways.

The picture we painted with data showed the company what was working, and what wasn’t. Planning for the future became more hit than miss. In affirmation of Mr. Bacon’s quote, goals could be linked back to clear metrics and property directors understood what to strive for. To grow, you must first know where you’re at.

Visit our Work page to explore more stories of total business transformation—whether by analytics, redesign, ADA or another Mindstream service. Maybe you’ll become our next great partner.

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