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October 10, 2017   |   3 min read

CX Revisited | How Customer Experience Is Evolving

Steve Agganis   |   President

We’ve heard it for years now, technology has completely redefined customer experience as we know it. We’ve seen that a simple scroll ushers us into a world of competitive reviews. Social feeds give us a direct line of communication with brands. We can even walk into a store, locate a product and checkout without ever talking to a real human being. 

Hyper-connected customers aren’t settling for lackluster experiences anymore (or anywhere). They don’t have to. From online to in-store, they demand brand interactions that are both rewarding and tailored to their lives. Their experience has now become an expectation, and it’s one that can be make or break.

Devices have become a kind of fifth limb for us. Think about the last time you were strolling down the street and thought to look up. Our reliance on devices deepens more every day; brands who resist this fact find themselves struggling to keep up. In CX Revisited, our 2017 research study, we track the current state and unfolding opportunities of customer experience. 

This doesn’t mean that we throw money at all things digital. It means that, more than ever, we need to understand our customers in ways that we’ve never really paid attention.  

The Power & Might of Multiple Touchpoints

Findings that speak volumes about modern customers.

To better understand where customers and brands truly are today (beyond the headlines and hype), we conducted a survey of more than 400 individuals across the U.S. for CX Revisited. From those responses, we learned a lot about what brands are doing well and where they’re missing the mark with customers. Just consider this figure:


The brand website’s role has shifted. Once seen as the ultimate “front door” to a brand, it’s now just one of many doors. That’s because customers prefer interactions that span multiple touchpoints. So, even though the brand website remains an important part of customer experience, it can’t exist as a be-all-end-all solution.

There’s an inexhaustible well of new touchpoints and distribution channels to engage customers through. Success truly lies in the sum of the parts. Envision a customer experience that gives equal weight to social, native publishing placements and online retail partners. Emerging technologies, like voice recognition, have potential to add yet another dimension to media channels in the future.

Download CX Revisited for more findings like this.

Where Do We Go from Here? Everywhere.

Take an active role in elevating customer experience.

How do you meet the scaling demands and expectations of customers? Our findings suggest that the future of customer experience is born from connection, collaboration and an unwavering sense of courage. Successful experience creators rely on much more than data or a single touchpoint. They strive to be ahead of the curve—not chasing it.

CX Revisited was a labor of love in its truest sense. We were mindful to fill its pages with proprietary data and lessons learned throughout our many years as a full service digital marketing agency. Its four sections will help you:

  • Understand the modern customer’s mindset.
  • Establish cohesion across every brand touchpoint.  
  • Visualize your role in the future of customer experience.

Your brand or agency can be a defining force in the next wave of customer experience. We’re excited to have CX Revisited be a source of inspiration along your journey there. 

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