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August 9, 2019   |   2 min read

The Next Chapter of Customer Experience

Steve Agganis   |   President

For brands and agencies alike, Customer Experience (CX) continues to be the buzz—and it’s clearly going to stay that way. Throughout my career, I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact that comes about when businesses put their customers front and center. This isn’t new by any means. What is new is how desperate organizations are to shift to meet the needs of today’s modern customer.

The challenge is in the tools being used to create those experiences, which so very often fail to capture the true mindset of customers and present an actionable plan to move forward. At Mindstream, we have many thoughts on how organizations could improve those efforts, even the ones that already see the inherent value in CX. But it’s not just about us. It’s about the greater industry. So we asked customer-focused professionals across the country what’s working, what’s not, and how to drive CX efforts forward.

Just two years ago, we chronicled the shift to CX within brands in our whitepaper CX Revisited: Our Obsession with CX and the Surprising Role of Brands (2017). In it, we used deep research to show customer expectations for touchpoint-spanning experiences were steadily climbing. By the end of that piece, brand leaders had some important scenarios to consider. You’re probably wondering what has happened since then.

First, customer expectations only continued rising. Second, organizations saw the value in CX but didn’t exactly know how to follow through on their initiatives. I’m beyond proud to pick up where we left off with the unveiling of a new whitepaper for 2019. Titled CX Planning – All for Nothing?, this forward-looking read—which incorporates feedback and attitudes from more than 130 industry figures—paves a path ahead with the knowledge and tools much needed within the industry.

Check out CX Planning – All for Nothing? to understand where brands are currently struggling and how to leverage those learnings to create an impactful, transformative CX. This endeavor has never been more essential, more provocative, and more original than it is right now.

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