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Virtual Reality: The History (Part 1 of 2)

You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. This two-part series outlines the history of virtual reality and how it has found it's rightful place in marketing today.

7 Steps for Marketers to Prepare for 2017's Chatbot Trend

The next monetary shift indicates a new opportunity for the social media marketer to shine: the investment in chatbots.

The Future of Monetization Online

The internet has always somewhat been a silent opposition to the 9-5 job. And if you have the guts to look hard enough, you can find job offers rolling in from every direction.

2017 Digital Trends

This year, we gathered 50 Mindstream trend spotters to help us identify the key shifts that we saw in 2016, in order to understand what these shifts mean for the coming years of digital marketing as it continues to evolve.

The 2016 Social Media Trends That Will Transform Your 2017 Marketing Strategy: Part 2 of 2

If the fast pace of social transformation tells us anything, it's this: your brand can capitalize on these social trends, no matter where you're starting from.

The 2016 Social Media Trends That Will Transform Your 2017 Marketing Strategy: Part 1 of 2

After sorting through all that changed and all that happened in 2016, our team identified four trends that we’ll be leveraging as we embark on this new year.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Looking beyond the sale

What are brands doing to fight for both in-store and digital foot traffic? 

What big brands are focused on in UX in 2017

Distinct UX trends that have caught our attention as we look into 2017 and beyond. 

Online Listings – Are They Helping or Hurting Your Business?

When I first started out in the marketing industry, I learned a hard lesson the long and tedious way. Online business listings and reviews are important, difficult to manage and not talked about enough.

Retail E-Commerce sales to ‘sky rocket’ this holiday season.

The holidays are right around the corner – I can say that now because Christmas decorations have been spotted – so it’s time to evaluate your local mobile advertising.

Snapchat: An emerging force in digital advertising

Snapchat launched in 2011 and has enjoyed significant growth over the past half-decade. The app has 150 million daily users, according to Bloomberg Technology, and it’s extremely popular with young audiences. More than 70 percent of U.S. smartphone users 12- to 24-years-old are on Snapchat, according to eMarketer.

The Latest from Google: Delivering the Right Search Experience

Throughout the summer Google announced a variety of updates focusing on delivering users a solid experience with the most relevant content. Let’s take a look at some of the updates that are sure to have a big impact on searchers and search engine marketers. 

Mindstream Interactive is Growing

Earlier this year, Mindstream quietly acquired Marquette Group, a national marketing agency with expertise in connecting national brands to their customers at a local level.

The Diminishing Line Between Advertising and Entertainment

For fans, advertising is a familiar element in American sports. Watch a game on TV and you’ll notice every break in the action has a sponsor (commercial breaks, timeouts, exciting plays, etc.). 

Three Things You Need to Know about Pay-per-call Advertising

We spend a lot of time talking with marketers about bringing in more business, whether to national brand execs or to their individual locations across the country.

Adopt a Customer Experience Mindset for a Better User Experience

Qualtrics’s 2016 installment of Customer Experience Week recently wrapped up and Mindstream Interactive is busy compiling and sharing lessons learned from one of the customer service industry’s most compelling events.

AdWords Scripts: The Efficient Way to Manage Your Google Search Campaigns

Managing Google search campaigns can be intense. It’s a daily grind of setting bids, managing budgets and tracking campaign performance.

Break Through the Clutter with Video Ads People Actually Want to Watch

The days of not being able to skip ads, whether on TV or any other format, are long past.

IAB Releases 2015 Internet Advertising Revenue Numbers

Internet advertising revenue increased more than 20 percent in 2015, reaching almost $60 billion in total spending.

Facebook updates connect brands & users more closely

Facebook unveiled a slew of updates at yesterday’s F8 developer conference, which digital folks will be dissecting for weeks to come.


Everyone does SXSW a little differently. The 20+ sessions per hour format makes it so a conference-goer has to really weigh his or her options while trying to take content and speaker credentials into account. It’s no easy task!

Digital Media’s Impact on the 2016 Election Cycle

The 2016 U.S. election cycle will decide 34 Senate seats, 12 governorships, all 435 House Representatives and, as you may have heard, the next resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Talking to Our Phones is Changing the Bones of Search

When you pick up your phone and ask it to find the closest pizza place or auto repair shop, do you know how it’s getting that information for you? Whether it’s using the same algorithms as an online search engine? If it’s leaving businesses out of its search?

Doritos Wins This Year’s Digital “Big Game”

There are many ways you can spend 30 seconds of your life. Take a selfie and upload it to social media or maybe more constructively, pay a bill online, for example.

Digital Marketing 101: A Breakdown of Programmatic Ad Buying

John Wanamaker, a pioneer in marketing and advertising, once lamented “half my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half.”

The Biggest SEO Impacts We’ll See in 2016

Now that 2016 is in full swing, we thought it’d be a good opportunity to take a look at what the rest of the year might bring as it relates to digital marketing.

Five Lessons to PPC Happily Ever After

Six months ago I stood outside and sweat through the last suit I’d ever wear as a single man. I watched my bride float down the aisle, and my life changed forever. As much as that moment meant to me, the story that led me there changed me just as much.

Aim Small, Miss Small: How to Target Display Ads for Success

It’s a philosophy as versatile as it is simple. It’s been used in movies to help marksmen take more accurate shots. And, on the PGA Tour last year, Jordan Spieth used the maxim to put together one of the best golf seasons in history. Regardless of context, the meaning is the same – the more refined the target, the higher the likelihood for success.

Digital Marketing in 2016 is All About Simplicity

The digital marketing world is as fast-paced and ever changing as it is exciting. With another excellent year behind us, it is time to look ahead to 2016 trends. Expect the unexpected over the next 12 months as the field continues to evolve. Here are three trends to keep an eye on as we head into the New Year:

Five Important Considerations When Taking Your Email Kinetic.

Kinetic email has opened the door to a new level of interaction in your Inbox. Our team explored the next generation of responsive email and unearthed five takeaways to help those considering going kinetic.

Email Trends Show Its Ability To Adapt And Evolve

Email tends to be (incorrectly) perceived as old news in a digital landscape that is changing daily. But, deeper digging unearths forward-thinking techniques that are keeping the channel as important, and impactful, as ever.

The Author Experience: Part 2

Having a plan for creating an optimal author experience, and then supporting the author post-launch, is the key to putting a plan into action.

The Author Experience: Part 1

With content strategy taking center stage, there is one critical component that is often overlooked – the author experience.

Prime Day: Did Customers Think It Reached Its Prime?

The public has officially survived its first Amazon Prime Day. And, while the results are still being tallied — particularly those tied to sales — the early read is that the event as a whole was met with a resounding "meh."

Apple Watch Spurs Question: Is It Time For A Smartwatch App?

We have created a 6-question framework to help facilitate that discussion and better equip you with the answers you need to arrive at your own decision.

San Diego Team Finds New Home

We're brightening up Sorrento Valley. The new San Diego office offers big, beautiful windows, lots of light and a mid-century modern concept reminiscent of the Mad Men era.

Columbus Office Opens In The Arena District

After two weeks of rearranging tables, tweaking the angle of desktop knick knacks and more than a few electrical issues with our espresso/cappuccino maker, the Mindstream Columbus team is settling into our new Arena District digs.

AdBowl 2015: La Chupacabra, Rogue CEOs & Poorly Dancing Sharks

Rampant debate on the Seahawks goal-line call aside, the dust is beginning to settle on AdBowl 2015.

Ad Bowl: Newcastle Continues Anti-Super Bowl Campaign Strategy.

Last year's If We Made It campaign was applauded by fellow marketers and the public that experienced it. And the Anna Kendrick spot landed on many people's top 10 commercial list.

AdBowl 2015: Super Bowl Week Is Holiday Season for Digital Advertisers

There's not another event where all of the nation is a captive audience not for what to buy, but who they connect with the most. For a measely $4.5 million, your brand could have 30-seconds of mass exposure — and scrutiny. Even brand loyalists are quick to throw their favorites under the bus for a commercial that misses the mark.

Decompiling Codemash 2015

One of the largest software conferences in the Midwest recently wrapped up as Codemash 2015 returned to Sandusky, Ohio. The 8th annual event took place the first week of January and brought together over 2500 attendees and 200 speakers to share knowledge, discuss trends and demo new software and frameworks.